Announces Partnership With Teapplix

By on April 27, 2013®, the creator of Pay-Per-Ship® advertising, announced its partnership with Teapplix, a leading provider of e-commerce order management & shipping automation software targeting sellers on multiple marketplaces such as eBay®, Amazon®,®, and others. The partnership provides an integrated shipping solution powered by advertising that will allow Teapplix customers to receive advertising revenue for every package shipped, by placing complementary ads into the order fulfillment process. “We are excited to have a new partnership with a company that is as successful as Teapplix,” said Patrick Blanchet , Founder and CEO of AdShip. “With a dedication so clearly committed to their clients, we feel that Teapplix is a great representation of AdShip’s values and innovation,” he said.” AdShip’s integration with Teapplix also gives Teapplix retailers better branding opportunities by providing a customizable tracking portal for its customers to track their packages.

“AdShip provides a unique value proposition and business model to our merchants,” says Xudong Yan, Teapplix founder & CEO. “With fierce competition in the e-commerce space, AdShip generates incremental revenue that can boost profit margins.” With the integration, any merchant using Teapplix’s shipping automation software can turn on and select ads with a few clicks, and receive advertising revenue on their shipments automatically.

About AdShip

AdShip, founded in February of 2009, maintains and operates through the patent-pending Pay-Per-Ship® advertising model, which enables a unique business opportunity between advertisers and the shippers, with a mission to allow advertiser to reach a wide consumer base, while providing an opportunity for shippers to create an easy supplemental revenue stream.

This unique patent-pending Pay-Per-Ship® advertising model was invented by the company’s Founder & CEO Patrick Blanchet.

The Pay-Per-Ship® advertising model integrates the latest technologies to deliver solutions that yield faster and higher response rates and better reporting capabilities than traditional marketing techniques.

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