Over 300,000 downloads for Drupal Commerce

By on April 28, 2013

Commerce Guys, creators of Drupal Commerce and the leading eCommerce company working with Drupal, announces its Drupal Commerce platform has surpassed the 300,000 download mark. Commerce Guys continues to add a diverse collection of renowned brands to its roster of customers, many defying traditional commerce boundaries.

Recently completed retail sites running on Drupal Commerce include fashion-forward Kenzo, part of the LVMH brands (site by Publicis Modem), and Dickies’ Street Wear (site by Blue-Bag Information Services), as well as local restaurant caterers, Fooda, and the United Kingdom’s nearly 500-year-old postal service, Royal Mail, which provides insurance and sport license registration. All are examples of the diverse array of organizations that are turning to Drupal Commerce to meet sophisticated eCommerce needs that go beyond checking out.

“Drupal Commerce is built to support the multifaceted needs of internet merchants in today’s content-driven eCommerce landscape. Our partners are continually doing more complex and more interactive things with their online stores. Commerce Guys’ technology is clearly meeting those demands,” said Mike O’Connor, founder and president, North America. “We are seeing adoption of the Drupal Commerce platform continue to expand beyond traditional concepts around retail. It’s exciting to help propel eCommerce innovation through our technology.”

eCommerce is increasingly complex: Drupal Commerce provides the platform to display a slew of different images and viewpoints, product descriptions, pricings, integrated social media activity, while managing different languages and currencies— and enabling accessibility on a multitude of web-enabled devices. Drupal Commerce’s ease-of-use also frees up marketing teams who no longer have to phone IT to update their eCommerce shops.

“eCommerce is morphing: Whether it’s the dire need for not only mobile capabilities, but an engaging mobile experience, or the increased priority of integrated marketing elements,” continued O’Connor. “Drupal Commerce’s prowess in these areas is central to why it continues to gain ground.”

Drupal Commerce offers freedom from the assumptions and set-in-stone functionality of proprietary solutions in order to support advanced customization in line with companies’ unique objectives. The highly flexible Drupal Commerce framework supports rich, context-aware content for merchandise catalogs, complex online payments, shipping service integration and social interaction with customers. Commerce Guys also built Commerce Marketplace to provide online retailers with a curated set of services from tech providers like PayPal to maximize the shopping experience they provide to customers.

Many of the more than 25,000 sites leveraging Drupal Commerce were built using Commerce Kickstart 2.0 –a powerful distribution that provides developers and site builders with an accelerated launch pad into Drupal Commerce. With Commerce Kickstart 2.0, developers can quickly move to selecting modules that extend the capabilities of their site after establishing a strong baseline of functionality as a starting point.

Featured in Gartner Inc.’s Cool Vendors in E-Commerce 2012 report, Commerce Guys provides customized development, consulting, training, support and an innovative Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Their mission is to help Internet merchants leverage the power of Drupal Commerce to increase revenue for their business. Over 25,000 eCommerce stores have adopted Drupal Commerce in just 18 months.

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