Bing It On Challenges Topeka!

By on May 11, 2013

Google has for many years enjoyed a great number of internet users worldwide. The search engine monopolized the online searching platform for more than a decade; then came the introduction of Bing search engine by Microsoft. Bing has since launched a number of campaigns to sway internet users, so that it would end the ‘Googling mentality’. Then came Bing It On.

Their current and most effective success is none other than the Bing It On Challenge; this side-by-side comparison between Bing and Google is conducted by a third party research firm, the Impulse Research Proprietary Online Panel. The original survey carried by the firm had Bing emerge the best preferred search engine over Google, with 57.4% of the 1006 adults who took part in the exercise proposing it. This concluded that the independent Bing survey taken earlier by their surveyors was indeed correct; the survey showed that 93% of the respondents were open to change and 45% opted for a refreshing experience.

Bing It On Challenge

The Bing It On Challenge was initially carried out on April 2013, Bing then followed with more interesting campaigns like man-on-the-street live test in San Francisco Bay area. They also introduced a number of commercials to break the Google habit and give Bing a try, this is the “people prefer Bing over Google” campaign.

google fiber imageSelecting Kansas as their next venue is a ‘big move’ since this city is known to be Google’s fiber hub, the ‘Google city’. Google ending its Kansas era of fiber services has really boosted Bing’s campaign over them, since the city was once considered to be a Google’s stronghold but Bing seems to be taking over. In Topeka , Kansas, is where Bing plans to move and to grow even bigger than the rest of the search engines, and the changes they are making are with no doubt effective.

The changes can be experienced on the page and the challenge itself ; the page offers reasons to choose Bing over Google including the creative “smart and always fresh” homepage,translation service and video previews. When you get started with the challenge, you will notice the trendy searches included.  Bing has gone even further in expressing their campaigns with interesting phrases like “For the web top searches”, giving people another option to opt for Bing.

The Bing It On Challenge is mainly based on comparison of web search results meaning that ads , Bing’s snapshot, social search panes and Google knowledge graph are excluded. In conclusion, the campaign is based on results, don’t mistake this to the overall search experience.


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