Obox’s Handmade Theme Available on WordPress.com

By on May 12, 2013

With its retrograde appearance, Obox’s Handmade WordPress theme provides a crystal clear way in which you can craft an avenue for their often simplistic thoughts and activities.

Obox, creators of the Handmade WordPress theme said that it was particularly made for foodies and bloggers who wanted to showcase their thoughts and creations in a retro yet striking manner.

Using a subtle and shrewd color pallet as well as layout used in this WordPress theme makes it as simple as needs to be without losing focus on the crisp clean detail. Obox implies that this theme was created in order  to accentuate more on blogposts and contents—not merely on the page look itself.


Featuring easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate page templates—the full-width template and the showcase template.

As the name suggests, the full-width template is the expanded version of the theme,  allowing bloggers to express their thoughts and themselves seamlessly with its capacity to support several sub-pages and posts.

The showcase template formatted to allow to people to highlight certain types of posts and blog contents. In this template, people are allowed to choose the posts that they wanted to organize in a particularly striking way.


Handmade allows you to take full advantage of Responsive design, every visitor every time will have the best possible experience regardless of what type of device they are using, smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, or even a SmartTV


Personalization in a Flash

Those who wanted to make their sites and blogs even more personalized won’t need to suffer from the complications of coding.  Adding a header images or background image is as simple as a single click. Want to add Videos?  No problem, Obox thought of this and made it as easy as placing the link in the content area.

At a price of $60, the homemade WordPress theme is definitely worth it. Those who are still unsure about grabbing the template or simply want to take it for a spin check out the Handmade WordPress Theme Online Demo.

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