Shift8 Relaunches and Redesigns Corporate Site

By on May 28, 2013

Shift8, a Toronto based web design company, is proud to announce the complete redesign of their corporate front facing website.

The re-design strategy encompasses many of the newer web based technology using jquery, JavaScript, PHP and Ajax technologies. The refresh of the corporate site will give a new look and feel, as well as a more fluid and encompassing venue to showcase previous work completed by Shift8.

Re-designing a corporate website can be a delicate and tedious process, however the potential rewards and gains are significant in terms of visibility, accessibility and search engine optimization.

The goal with the complete Shift8 website redesign project was not only to accomplish the aforementioned potential gains, but to showcase the importance of a corporate re-design or “refresh” for other businesses.

Expanding your reach and visibility in the internet marketplace (regardless of your industry) is becoming a very competitive and cutthroat process.

If you are considering re-designing your existing website or perhaps a complete ground-up design of a new project, consider reaching out to Shift8 to request a free quotation and consultation to scope out the work necessary to help you reach your goals.

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