Unpublished Posts – Facebook’s Latest Offering to Advertisers

By on June 8, 2013

As per a recent post on AllFacebook.com, the world’s biggest social networking platform has announced the introduction of Unpublished Posts, also known as dark posts as its latest advertising opportunity.

For Facebook advertisers, unpublished posts which could earlier only be promoted as ads on the right hand section, can now be promoted as regular posts, allowing brands to showcase their latest offerings and messages through more relevant content in their ads. These unpublished posts while they won’t appear on news feeds of the users or be visible on the pages Time, can now be promoted via Facebook, making this advertising option appear far more organic and consequently more effective for advertisers.

According to Inside Facebook, this new advertising strategy was very successfully tested by AdParlor, which used unpublished posts to promote the business of one of its top clients on the platform. The campaign was hugely successful with CTR exceeding 0.87% with signups and conversions increasing by 16% and advertising costs dropping by over 22%.

UnpublishedPost_CTR_graphFacebook advertising isn’t cheap and advertisers are wary of wasting their Facebook ad budget. Samuel Junghenn, founder of Think Big Online – one of Australia’s biggest digital marketing companies, feels that this new feature has been added with the aim to enable advertisers promote their brand by being able to secure precious real estate on its news feed. Say Samuel, “Facebook came into being as a social networking platform, where people come together to have conversations and stay connected. Traditional means of advertising (right column inserts) cannot be as successful as strategically making marketing messages a part of the conversational stream.”

About Think Big Online:

Think Big Online is a Sydney based digital marketing agency that was founded by Samuel Junghenn to offer top notch advertising, marketing and promotional services to global businesses. The company till date has helped thousands of brand effective promote themselves on the Internet through a marketing activities.

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