Search Engine Optimization Tips for Local Businesses: Don’t Forget the Bing

By on June 15, 2013
Local Business Seo with Bing Business Portal

For many local search marketing campaigns, all of the attention is given to Google. While this makes a lot of sense with most local searches still going through Google, Bing is coming on strong. Already, Bing is increasingly integrated with Windows 8. Last week, at the Apple Developers Conference, the statement was made that Siri will be Bing focused rather than Google for the foreseeable future.

With Apple’s feud with Google, this really should come as no big surprise. However, considering the iPhone’s domination in the smartphone market and the iPad’s lead in tablet use, this could be huge for local businesses when it comes to online lead generation.

Similar But Not the Same

Microsoft and Google use very similar technologies and methodologies when it comes to search engine results. Neither is going to let consumers or businesses get too much a peek behind the curtain, but the two operate in a very similar manner. As a result, a lot of the techniques used for either search engine will work for the other. However, Bing is still new and has all the experience, technical aptitude, and funding behind it that Google did not when it first started. Furthermore, Microsoft has the added benefit of not making the same initial errors or facing the same beginning problems that Google did.

Bing Business PortalBing has the opportunity of being launched after Google and thus learning from its predecessor. As a result, Bing has not had as much a chance to be subverted when it comes to providing quality search engine results. At the same time, this is a relatively new venture for Microsoft and there will be continual milestones that need to be attained. So, here are two technological giants trying to provide the same service, solve the same problems, but approaching the solutions in similar albeit different ways.

Diversifying Efforts

Just like with any worthwhile business venture, it becomes risky to put all the eggs into one basket. Bing is offering local business owners another way of spending their marketing dollars. At the same time, they are providing a new, optional revenue stream. Passing up the opportunity to sell to an entire segment of a very diverse market could be damaging to businesses.

Test and Re-Test

While it is still wise to invest advertising efforts in Google, giving Bing a try is likely to be more beneficial than harmful. Review competitors’ and see what they are spending in each tool. What kinds of ads are they running? Is there a lot of up and down with spending and keyword targeting as the market is still being tested?

A proven local search engine optimization team, My Local Leads, is helping clients make this transition and reaping the benefits of a relatively new and untapped market through Bing.

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