Rolls Out Affordable SSD VPS Hosting

By on August 8, 2013

Today Reprise Hosting rolled out a new line of affordable SSD VPS hosting plans. The plans run on servers with solid state drives configured in RAID1 for an ideal combination of speed and hardware fault tolerance. Subscribers of the SSD VPS hosting plans can expect to see dramatic improvements in I/O related activities such as database queries, video conversions, etc as well as a substantial
reduction in page load times.

“A growing number of our customers have expressed an interest in solid state drives,” said Jeff Michaels, a spokesman from Reprise Hosting. “Solid state drives are much faster than traditional hard drives because, among many factors, they have no moving parts. SSD VPS hosting offers performance improvements across the board because anything being written or read from the drive happens so much quicker. Databases, game servers, simple static HTML websites—they all benefit from the introduction of solid state drives.”

Reprise Hosting will initially offer solid state drives on OpenVZ VPS hosting plans for an add-on fee of $3.95 per month. “The majority of our customer base subscribes to OpenVZ VPS hosting plans. We wanted to give the majority of our customers the opportunity to upgrade to solid state performance first. Our customers hosted on Xen architecture will have the opportunity to upgrade after a couple months.”

At the time of this writing, the promotional code “SSD75” may be used during checkout at to obtain a 75% discount on the first month bill. New customers only.

About Reprise Hosting:

Reprise Hosting ( ) is a hosting provider based out of Las Vegas, Nevada and specializes in best value cPanel VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting solutions.

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VPSHostingDeal ( ) is a division of Reprise Hosting that specializes in ultra low-cost self-managed Linux VPS hosting and Windows VPS hosting solutions.

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