Deliver a message after death!

By on January 30, 2013

A Thought For You, Inc., announced the launch of its new website , (OLT), providing a person the ability to pre-record videos, that upon their death will be delivered to anyone chosen to receive one. Videos are recorded in the privacy of one’s home and safely stored by OLT.  Upon a person’s death, whenever that occurs, the videos will be sent to the chosen recipients.  Subscribers can update and change the videos any time as often as they wish.

Aside from the untimely deaths we see on the news every day involving police, firemen, military, auto accidents, chronic illness, tragedy, or old age, people with normal careers and lifestyles also suffer untimely deaths.  A military person, for example, could have a video for the child they never saw, and in the unfortunate circumstance that they never get back home, the child would have a video of the parent they would otherwise never get to meet.  Someone can record a video to settle a long standing disagreement, or to apologize to someone you would not reach out to while you were still alive?

Howard R. Baer , Founder and CEO stated: “I’ve always said that when my final day comes, I don’t want people mourning me, I want them to celebrate my life the way I lived it, joking and laughing, not stiff, lying in a box. I want a video of me played at my funeral featuring me talking to everyone and saying goodbye my way. I’ve had a good life with no regrets and that’s the way I want to be remembered.

I also want the ability to send my granddaughter a DVD of me so she’ll remember me as I am now. I want to be able to send a video to anyone to get a message after I’m gone, such as my sons, special friends, and of course my wife. And in the case of my wife, perhaps some information she doesn’t know about. Codes and passwords for my accounts, where I keep certain things that she should have or I want her give away for me and who I want them to go too. With the creation of OLT, I can now do that.”

With the latest problems hitting Linkedin, Facebook and other social media sites, which is the inability to get them shut down once a person has passed, we’ve come up with a method that will do it for you.  With our patent pending system, when a person passes, a message that they have produced will automatically appear on their social media sites containing their last message and telling people that they’ve passed. Our system will then send their password to their executer so they can go in and shut it down.

“One Last Thought” gives a person a true “after life” and one that their family and friends can cherish forever.

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