Joomla 3.1 Strikes with a New Tagging Feature

By on April 28, 2013

Joomla bloggers and publishers are set to enjoy another improvement in the user-interface of one of the world’s most popular publishing platform. The new addition is dubbed as the Joomla’s 3.1. Tagging Feature, an advanced labeling feature that would is said to make publishing and content management a lot easier.

Aside from that, it is highly anticipated there are more to the said labeling feature that would definitely excite those who are itching to try the new Joomla.

Convenient Labeling and Tags Management

Joomla’s 3.1. tagging feature is indeed a piece of cake to every Joomla user. Particularly, people who wanted to add new tags to their posts could easily to do so by simply dropping by the “Tags Component” section of site and clicking on the “New” button. The same thing goes with managing the created tags. One would just need to drop by the same section and click on the particular action he or she wants to do.

Superb Way of Tag Linking and Hierarchy

The new Joomla’s 3.1. tagging feature also comes with a nesting feature that allows people to create one all-encompassing parent tag that could host multiple children tags. This calls for an easier way and simpler way in which people could label their posts.

More than that, the tagging feature also allows integration with extensions, image, and other forms of digital data, making the tagging feature very helpful to those who own multimedia and multi-user pages.

Trying the Feature

People who wanted to experience the wonders of Joomla’s 3.1. tagging feature may opt to download a test package of the ware at Joomla’s website. This package is as easy to install as the Joomla application.

Those who would notice any bugs or glitches while working with the feature are invited to provide feedback that could be used for fixing and improving the tagging feature.

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