Jumpfactor Digital Receives Top Honors

By on April 28, 2013

TopReviewsToday, the industry authority on marketing vendors, has published its list of top SEO Copywriting Agencies for the first quarter of 2013. Ranked in the top position is Jumpfactor Digital. After evaluating hundreds of Copywriting Agencies over more than ten categories of criteria, the ratings company determines the final outcome.

“With the major changes in search engines over the past year, content has become a critical component of Search Engine Optimization campaigns,” says a spokesperson for Jumpfactor. “Finding a vendor who can articulate on behalf of a business effectively while maximizing the search engine optimization benefit of the content output is key. Our firm employs many proprietary processes which have shown results to be as much as five times higher than standard content form other agencies.”

Content is used in many different segments of digital marketing today, according to Jumpfactor. Some of the main areas include SEO Website content, SEO article content, Social media site content, blog posts, forum posts, email marketing content, E-Books, whitepapers, and various other collateral used to engage a visitor or target prospect. Jumpfactor provides an overview of how to effectively create powerful content in their SEO Content and Copy-writing Tutorial section.

Whether you are a growing startup firm or an established organization, having ongoing content created for specific marketing campaigns is critical. Partnering with a trusted vendor for such content is the first step. Get in touch with Jumpfactor to start the process now.

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