Netmark Revolutionizes Social Media Marketing with Facebook’s Graph Search

By on April 28, 2013

Recently, in an effort to provide better, more relevant search results, Facebook has rolled out their new search function, dubbed “Graph Search”. Facebook’s Graph Search combines interests, likes, events, and localities along with their preexisting search function, opening up new possibilities for dialogue and to establish new connections with potential friends. Netmark is already looking toward this innovation in a means to help grow social media marketing.

Netmark is an internet marketing company specializing in social media marketing. Netmark is excited about the marketing potential that Graph Search will bring to the field of social media marketing. Currently the biggest difficulty to overcome in social media marketing is having the user make the first interaction. For instance, before a person has access to information being posted on a business or company’s Facebook business page, first the person must find them and then follow them. This simple action is often what prevents people from connecting with the business and the products that they love: they never take the time to find and then follow them.

Now with Graph Search this difficulty will be easier to overcome. Graph Search will automatically show similar interests and likes between two people, as well as make recommendations of possible new interests and likes. Capitalizing on this, Netmark is able to help position and promote companies before a larger audience of Facebook users, which in turn contributes directly to the success of a social media marketing campaign. Social media marketing campaigns successes are usually measured in likes and followers, as well as direct impact on sales. Successful social media campaigns will increase customer retention, improve the online reputation of the company, as well as bring in new business to a company as well.

For nearly a year and a half, Netmark has been recognized by and Top Ten Review as a leading authority in social media marketing. Netmark uses savvy business sense, intuitive understanding of user interactions and conversion optimization skills to help promote business while contributing to their overall success. Netmark is also recognized as a authority in search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, conversion rate optimization, and reputation management.

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