Facebook Ad Agency Brandefined Celebrates Two Years in Business

By on May 1, 2013

Brandefined, an online marketing company based near Portland, Oregon, is celebrating two years of growing business. In a market full of companies representing huge brand names, Brandefined is leaving a unique footprint among small and mid-sized businesses.

Brandefined started with a mission to provide superior marketing services to small businesses. Their doors opened with two employees and big expectations. Co-owners and good friends Mike Clancy and Ron Way handled clients personally while also coaching their growing staff and keeping the business side of things afloat. Within a few months, it became clear their company’s philosophy was embraced by other small business owners as they experienced a phenomenal retention rate and watched their numbers climb.

“In the early days, we didn’t know what to expect,” said Way. “We worked 100 hour weeks, spending all our time talking with clients and figuring out how to handle the growth.”

Early on, Brandefined produced high-performing Facebook ad campaigns, drawing the eye of the social media giant. After the submission of a particularly successful case study, Facebook welcomed Brandefined into Studio Edge, an invite-only program allowing a company to receive advanced training from Facebook as well as showcase their work and share best practices. Brandefined became one of a select group to receive this honor working with small to medium businesses. Anyone working with Facebook ad campaigns within the company is required to go through the certification as well, resulting in a well-educated staff.

“It’s important to us that our clients are dealt with by experts,” said Clancy. “Small business owners deserve just as much respect as CEOs of major corporations.”

Self-described “reluctant entrepreneurs” Clancy and Way were pioneers of the Internet marketing world, giving them unique insight into the workings of online marketing solutions. After watching top notch services become unattainable for small to medium sized businesses, they saw a gap in the market. Having worked together previously, Way and Clancy devised a plan to provide affordable online marketing solutions and fill the void.

“We looked around and saw that small business owners were unsatisfied with their options but had nowhere to turn,” said Clancy. “So we offered a practical and attainable solution without sacrificing customer service.”

In the last two years, Brandefined has grown from two to almost 40 employees. They offer a full spectrum of Internet marketing services, including Facebook ad management, graphic design, search engine marketing, social media management, strategy consultations, and more. Clients are teamed up with a personal ad strategist who gets to know their business in order to create a custom campaign. Results are analyzed on an ongoing basis and monitored to ensure optimum performance.

“No other company working with small to medium businesses provides all the services that we do,” said Way. “Facebook is the next wave of advertising and we are offering a roadmap available to everyone.”

Brandefined is located in Beaverton, Oregon, just outside of Portland. They offer a number of online marketing solutions for small to medium businesses. For more information, please call 1-888-406-9774 or visit their website at Brandefined.com. You can also find them at Facebook.com/Brandefined.

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