WHR Rates iPage at the Top for Stopping the Recent WordPress Attacks

By on May 1, 2013

Web Hosting Reviews, an Australian web hosting comparison website that features in-depth information about various web hosting services, recently announced that iPage is at the top of their rankings. The founders of the website have been extremely impressed with iPage’s ability to stop the recent attacks on certain sites by WordPress hackers and their botnet.

As an article on the Australian web hosting website explained, recently, a significant number of WordPress sites have been negatively impacted by a huge botnet. The insidious hackers have used virtual brute force tactics to target computers with weak passwords and generic user names. Unfortunately, most computer owners were completely unaware that their machines were affected by the botnet.

Matt Mullenweg , the founder of WordPress, did what he could to address these attacks by offering WordPress users very specific and helpful advice on changing usernames and passwords. As he suggested, those who have “admin” as their user name should change it to something that is hard to guess, and passwords should be altered to something that includes numbers and upper and lower case letters. Next, Mullenweg suggested, people should upgrade WordPress to the latest version and then—for those who are using a WordPress hosted blog on WP.com—they should turn on two-factor authentication.

Despite Mullenweg’s in-depth advice, the hackers continued to attempt to take down servers. As the article on Web Hosting Reviews noted, this is when iPage really began to shine. When the first attacks started on April 11, 2013, iPage went to work blocking all of the access to the /wp-login.php page, which was the portion of the WordPress sites that was being attacked. Next, iPage created a secure firewall and banned IP addresses that made multiple login attempts.

“By Thursday the network infrastructure team made an almost permanent solution,” the article noted, adding that by looking at the data in the logs, iPage found a footprint in the way the botnet was accessing WordPress.

“It was different to how a normal user accesses their website. A new change to block out this unusual pattern was rolled out to the server and saw hundreds of hits per second, drop to almost none.”

Because of the way iPage responded promptly to the recent WordPress hacking incidents, Web Hosting Reviews now has it ranked in the number one spot for security. The founders of the website were extremely impressed by the way iPage worked diligently to help people, and find a solution as quickly as possible.

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