Amazon AWS Offers New Certification Program

By on May 5, 2013

Amazon is excited to announce the launch of their new Amazon AWS Certification program with the aim of helping cloud computing professionals get accreditation as well as improve standards of cloud computing.  IT gurus who have demonstrated knowledge and capabilities can be able to market their services all over the world backed with a certification from Amazon. Several exams will be made available in order for the applicants to be able to be accredited as fully qualified to maintain the AWS cloud.

The first test to be rolled out is for the architects that are involved in various programs on AWS. This is called the AWS certified solutions architects associate level.Other exams that are to be rolled out this year will include the systems operations and the administrators and developers certification. This will certainly put the AWS professionals at par with top level experts in the world, if not make them better. While rolling out this program, AWS vice president, Adam Selipsky said that there was great need to improve these services as more and more people all over the world were turning to cloud computing solutions.

Amazon AWS Certification Customer

Head of training division at Samsung, Seok Kyun Choi also said that they were gong to utilize the AWS program to identify among their pool of professionals had improved their cloud computing skills and those who needed more training. He also promised to work more closely with AWS on the program. These role based tests will be rolled out in three distinct levels. These are the associate, professional and masters levels. The advantage of taking part in the programs is that one will demonstrate their skills and also be able to gain recognition for them.

Amazon-awsAmong some of the skills that they will be looking to capture include basic computing skills, basic architecting skills, flexibility and scalability skills, AWS computing skills, network technologies related to AWS and security features available and how they relate to AWS systems. Competent knowledge of AWS programs such as command line interface, CloudFormation, APIs and ASDKs. One will also have to have general skills such as those on Enterprise Service bus; message queuing, multi-tier architecture levels and experience with firewalls, route tables and access control lists. One can only hope that these tests will make a better impact one cloud computing prospects worldwide.

If you’re interested in becoming AWS Certified there are over 750 locations across the globe where AWS certification exams are administered by Kryterion Testing Centers, you can view the 3 page Exam Blueprint Here.


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