Yahoo acquires Astrid To-Do App.

By on May 5, 2013

Yahoo has continued on it’s app spending spree with it’s most recent acquisition of Astrid a robust to-do task management app with the motto “Get it Done”.    In the most recent blog post by CEO Jon Paris he states

We are thrilled to announce that we have been acquired by Yahoo!. When we set out to build Astrid, we sought to help as many people as possible become happier, healthier and more productive. We’re really excited to join the mobile team and continue this work with Yahoo!’s goal of “making the world’s daily habits more inspiring and entertaining.”

Marissa Ann Mayer is President and CEO of Yahoo!. Previously, she was a long-time executive and key spokesperson for Google.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is a strong believer in mobile playing a vital role in the companies future.  Making the news with a reportedly $30 million dollar purchase of the app Summly, which allows users to browse news fast, easily and beautifully, by viewing concise summaries of online content. Yahoo will need to continue to strengthen it’s expertise and presence in the mobile segment as long as Google maintains it’s dominance in the smartphone industry with Android.

Yahoo has also acquired Stamped, a review app maker for mobile; OnTheAir,  specializes in broadcasting video chats and interviews to online audiences;, a clipping service; Propeld, which is a location-based apps maker and Jybe, a popular social recommendation site.

CEO Jon Paris said “Over the next 90 days, Astrid will continue to work as is, and we will no longer be accepting new premium subscriptions,” There is no word yet if the app will continue to have a free version or retain it’s current name, details on this acquisition are lacking. If Yahoo decides to use some of it’s techonology they will have leverage to compete against apps like Evernote, Wunderlist and Mailbox.  Astrid was founded in 2008 by Tim Su,  and has received over 4 million downloads of the Astrid apps across both major platforms.

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