Facebook Cuts Decapitation Videos

By on May 8, 2013

Top social media site Facebook has announced that it will finally delete several disturbing videos displaying people getting decapitated. This announcement came after much pressure from millions of Facebook users who found the videos “utterly disturbing”.

Initially, the social media giant refused to remove the said Facebook decapitation videos, and pointed out that the images were valid, provided that it is not posted for sadistic purposes. The company also said that all Facebook users are free to express their thoughts and feelings, and are free to portray things as they see it. Facebook finally gave in to the call to remove the said videos, after Facebook’s board on safety advisory expressed its disapproval of Facebook’s action.

Several online sectors, social groups and review institutes such as FOSI have also expressed disapproval over the Facebook decapitation videos, and joined the public call to have them removed. FOSI representatives said that Facebook should have taken responsible steps in addressing this issue; instead it allowed the irresponsible uploading of such videos that violate universal moral standards. FOSI’s chief executive Stephen Balkam said that Facebook has definitely got the wrong call over this issue, on a personal and professional standpoint.

The massive reaction against the said Facebook decapitation videos came a week after the videos spread among Facebook users. Last week, a one-minute video depicting a woman on a pink shirt being decapitated by an unidentified man was uploaded and spread by numerous Facebook users. A second clip also reached Facebook’s viewing public, showing two men being beheaded. Sources say that he two men were involved in a drug cartel in Mexico, and on the video they were forced to admit to being narcotics smugglers before they were executed with a heavy-duty mechanical saw and knife.

A concerned university student was able to watch the videos, and reported the graphic nature of the videos. Facebook initially replied to the report that it did not violate the social media site’s regulations on violent graphics. An online petition was then launched by users, which demanded the removal of the said Facebook decapitation videos. In a week, the petition accumulated 400 signatures.

Facebook is a leading social media website that has billion of users that share posts, messages and other media across its network, and remains to be on the top viewed websites based on numerous web information analytics sites. Facebook monitors the content uploaded by its users through its user regulations on violent graphics that include inflicting harm over other people, animals and things, as well as threats to public safety and other crimes against humanity. Due to these recent events, Facebook has declared that it will review its guidelines and will take immediate steps to enforce strict measures over violent graphic videos.

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