CMS Expo Kicks Off in 3 Days!

By on May 11, 2013

It’s just 3 days away from the 7th Annual CMS Expo, with time left to register.  There are 3 types of registrations available to fit any budget, here is a brief overview full registration pricing and options are available here

Some of the highlighted topics this year will include, Future Proof Your Business Content, Prepare For The Mobilocalypse!, The Future of Joomla, WordPress is a CMS Damnit!, and Lightning Round! Responsive CMS Sites in Action.

Expo-Only Day Passes

Includes access to exhibition areas only, from 2:00 – 5:00 pm on Wednesday, May 15th, 2013 and Thursday, May 16th, 2013 and only cost $35

Conference + Expo Day Pass

CMS Expo’s Day Passes offer attendees the option of attending just one day, or two days, rather than the Full 3-Day Pass. The Day Pass grants the ticket holder full access to all sessions, exhibit areas and events scheduled for the particular day(s) chosen.

Full Registration: 3-Day Pass

Get an all-inclusive 3-Day Pass to the CMS Expo Learning and Business Conference on May 14th, 15th & 16th, 2013. For one low price of just $799, far less than you’d pay for limited access elsewhere, you get it all at CMS Expo!

michael-reynolds-cmsxPresident/CEO of Spinweb Michael Reynolds posts the top 10 reasons on why you should attend his presentations!

1. Chicago in May is beautiful. Spring here is and it’s a great time to get away and see the city. From driving/running/walking down Lakeshore Drive to Navy Pier, there are lots of ways to get out and enjoy the weather.

2. No PowerPoint doom. I don’t just read bullet points on a slide. I have conversations with my audience.

3. You’ll learn valuable skills. Want to learn to produce video for your website? Check. Want to learn how to write great content for the web? Check. Thinking about going mobile? Check. This conference will make you a better marketing professional or business owner.

4. Giordano’s pizza. ‘Nuff said.

5. It could be a turning point for your company. If you own or manage a web design firm and you’re wondering how to take the next step toward becoming an inbound marketing agency, you won’t want to miss my presentation. My agency recently went through this change and I plan to share with you how you can evolve in this direction, too.

6. You’ll come back looking like a smarty-pants. If you’re in charge of helping with marketing are your company you wil come back from this conference with a cannon full of new ideas and initiatives as well as ways to help your team. You’ll be the envy of your co-workers. Look how marketing-savvy you are!

7. Great networking. CMS Expo is made up of great people from all over the world who are eager to help you. You’ll find designers, developers, marketers, business owners, and more at this conference. It’s a very special group of people.

8. Get help figuring out your CMS. A great content management system is crucial to the success of your website. You’ll have the chance to gather tons of information that will help you determine which CMS is right for you.

9. Inspiration happens outside your comfort zone. Does is cost time and money to take time away from work to attend? Absolutely. However, sometimes the best inspiration and business breakthroughs can happen when you step outside your comfort zone and get into a different environment. It happens to me all the time.

10. I’m a sucker for free advice. I love to help people… especially people who attend my presentations. Bring your burning marketing questions and let’s grab a beverage afterwards and I will do everything I can do assess your challenges and offer some real soutions and advice.

About CMS Expo

CMS Expo offers 3+ days of learning, discovery and innovation for its participants. Hosted by the independent CMS Association since 2008, this annual conference brings together businesspeople and technicians, marketers and academics, creatives and administrators, to learn – collaboratively, like in “real life,” all under one roof – what’s new, relevant and actionable in the fast-changing content managment community.

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