Attach Real Money in Gmail with Google Wallet

By on May 15, 2013

Lately Google has been all about convenience and user experience,  they recently just merged Gmail’s free storage capacity with their Drive product now allowing users to have a total of 15GB of free storage.  Today Google is taking it one step further, continuing to mark Gmail as one of their flagship products next to search.

Google announced today that in the upcoming months you will be able to send real money as an attachment inside your Gmail account.  It will be available to users in the U.S. that are 18+. Want to know how to get it first?  Simple, just find someone who has the feature already and ask them to send you $1.00.  Keep an eye out for the $ icon, it will be in the attachment options.

If you’re one that’s worried about security Google released this statement on their rollout page:

When you use Google Wallet, your financial information is safely encrypted and stored on secure servers, and all transactions are monitored 24/7 to prevent fraudulent activity. In addition, Google Wallet Purchase Protection covers 100% of eligible unauthorized transactions

Years ago PayPal pioneered the concept of sending money to an email address. So how does Google rates stack up to PayPal when it comes to sending money via email?  If you’re sending from an existing balance, or bank funds, it’s completely free for both Google Wallet & PayPal. However if you’re using a credit card, PayPal has a slight advantage allowing it’s users to choose who will pay the transaction fees of 2.9%

About Google Wallet

Google Wallet is a free digital wallet that securely stores your credit cards, debit cards, offers and more. With Google Wallet, you can buy in-stores, buy online, and send money. You can buy in-stores by tapping your NFC-enabled Android phone at any merchant location accepting contactless payments. You can buy online on Google properties and on mobile apps and sites, wherever you see the Buy with Google button. And you can send money by logging into Google Wallet online, or within

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