Yahoo News Streams Will Now Include Tweets

By on May 16, 2013

Twitter has been an important part in media over the past couple of years, delivering news, tips, information and updates in real-time all over the world.

Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer has taken notice and believes this is an “important information source for many of our users”.  Which has lead to the decision of including Twitter feeds in the Yahoo News content stream.

Yahoo plans on seamlessly including relevant tweets from verified sources alongside current articles, giving users and easy way to discover new writers, and publishers to follow.  They plan on rolling this  integration across the U.S. over the next couple of days on desktops as well as mobile devices & tablets.

Image of ABC Tweet being displayed in the Yahoo news stream

Image of ABC Tweet being displayed in the Yahoo news stream

In Mayer’s announcement post regarding the new feature she stated:

Marissa_Mayer-250x200From music to sports, news to entertainment, we’re committed to delivering our users the very best of the web, and our continued partnership with Twitter is an exciting leap forward in our endeavors.

This is a bold move considering less than a month ago the Associated Press’s Twitter account was hacked and said that two explosions have gone off at the White House.  With the additional power and distribution of Yahoo News pushing Twitter feeds the potential to cause panic and spread misinformation has just grown.


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