How to Build A Great Landing Page in 2013

By on May 19, 2013
How to build a great landing page

With internet marketing at all time highs, utilizing a landing page to funnel your potential prospects into leads or sales is becoming more and more important everyday.  People value their personal information more than ever, and if you want it you’re going to have to earn it.  As the internet age groups progress,  younger generations are becoming more savvy,  gimmicks are likely to become less effective as your target consumer is well aware of them by the time they reach your target prospect age.

One of the biggest benefits of a effective landing page is that it does all the heavy lifting for you.  While your sleeping, on vacation or spending time with your family, it’s there generating business for you.  Do it wrong and your efforts will end up as lesson at best.

It’s all about looks

It's all about the looks - Scarlett JohanssonThe design of your landing page is the single most important element, and something you should spend the most time on perfecting. We all know people begin to judge something as soon as they see it, and if you don’t capture your audience quickly you will lose them.  Let’s talk a little bit about your audience and design before we continue.

There is no “Right” or “Perfect” design, there is however the perfect design for your audience.  Take a look at your product or service and first decipher if it’s a “Need purchase” or a “Want purchase”.  This will be an important factor in deciding what type of design direction you should take.

“Need” purchases and leads tend to lean towards things like, quality, cost, guarantee, these products and services tend to have competitors that are identical (Lawyers, Toilet Paper, Shampoo etc..). Where a “Want” purchase is powered more by an emotion and leans towards things like, appearance, bells & whistles, novelty factor, and status elements.

You wouldn’t use the design of the best converting Xbox war game to gather leads for someone in the market for life insurance would you? Your landing page design should match your potential prospects, make that emotional connection and your conversion ratio will show it.  Knowing your audience and this part should be a breeze.

Overcoming Objections

Just saying No to the saleAny salesman will tell you that they run into three to four”No’s” before they get a “Yes”.  Your landing page will run into the same type of objections, except you’re not there to overcome them.  Hopefully your landing page is not your first attempt at selling product or service, so you already know what those objections are.

Ask yourself these few questions, “What are the top 3 excuses people have told me no?” or “What type of negative feedback have I seen?”  Chances are you know what stops a sale, don’t be afraid of it and confront and overcome it on your landing page.

A good example of this is constantly running objections like “The price is to high” or “It’s not in my budget”  Get creative, break it down into payments, or divide it out to “As little as $xx a day”.  You have most likely seen these same types of methods used on TV, print, and radio for years, there’s no reason your landing page should be any different.  These methods work, but keep in mind they must flow tactfully in your design.

Now what about CTA?

Call to Action is the method or point where an element on your webpage does the talking for you, “ASKING” the visitors/prospect to engage, and give their info, or spend their money.  Once again in order to have a highly successful CTA you need to know your audience.  Here are a few examples that I have run into using  different angles that companies have used along with the type of site.

  • A gadget company uses the words “Take My Money” on their button instead of “Buy Now”
  • A 401k Investment advertisement using the words “Secure my future” on their button
  • uses the words “I Want One” on their purchase buttons
  • Various Dating sites using the words “Find My Matches” or “See My Matches”

Call to Action Landing Page Examples

Also consider using some type of A/B testing with your CTA’s.  If you are not familiar with it, it’s as simple as duplicating your page and only changing one element in order to see which version performs better.

Never Stop Tracking!

Marketing is constantly changing,  just because you have things up and running, does not mean you should stop building.  You may think you are getting the best results in the world and have more sales than you can handle but could you have more?  If you’re not converting 100% of your visitors, then there’s work to be done!  If you’re doing well, find out why and validate it proof.  By constantly keeping track of how you are getting visitors and how they are converting will keep you ahead of the curve.

For example say you get 50 visitors from Google, and 50 from Yahoo, and convert 10% of them. Depending on your niche this may be good or bad, however if you further examine the results and see that out of those 10 sales 8 came from the 50 Yahoo visitors and the other 2 came from the 50 Google visitors.  With this information you can now re-direct your Google visitors to a new A/B testing page and further drill down what you need to adjust to convert better.  Information is king learn to love it and use it in your favor.

Building a Better Landing Page

There are some great resources available out there and I’ll share some of them below.  Remember sales is an age old process which hasn’t really changed much over time we just have found new ways to execute those processes.  I purposely left some of the “Main” hot points for landing pages such as:  Build Trust, Keep it Simple, Communicate Clearly, Reduce Anxiety, as these are all design elements all fall under the main design and looks.  I hope I was able to help some of you out and provide some additional insight into building a better landing page. Take a look at the following pages for some additional useful information on landing pages.

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Need more examples?  Search around the internet for popular products or services, chances are you will run into their advertisements, these companies are dumping tens of thousands of dollars into advertising .They have the money and man power to ensure their landing page is converting, in short, they’ve done their research and their tweaks, take note of their pages.

Did you find this article helpful?  Please consider sharing it with others.  Have a success story or want to share an example?  Post it below in the comments!




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