Will Yahoo buy Tumblr for $1 Billion Dollars?

By on May 19, 2013

Will Marissa Mayer end her acquisition spending spree with a final $1.1 Billion dollar purchase of Tumbler?  Sources at the New York Times confirmed that the offer is on the table and an announcement as soon as Monday may be imminent.   Marissa left Google last summer joining Yahoo in July of 2012.  Since then she has lead the charge in seven other companies mostly mobile app based.

A little over 10 years the now search engine super giant purchased Pyra Labs, better known to you as Blogger. If this deal goes through, will Tumblr do for Yahoo what Blogger did for Google or will Yahoo let it wither  like some of it’s previous acquisitions such as GeoCities and Flickr.

Tumbler with over 108 Million blogs, and 50 Billion posts of content would bring a whole new younger generation to Yahoo’s much needed user base, that is if they can keep those users. Since word broke of the possible acquisition, loyal Tumblr users have been posting comments such as


Please never do this. Just by stock. Leave our Tumblr alone, this is not your toy yahoo everything you have bought has become closed or abandoned. We as Tumblr user do not want you near us leave us the hell alone.blackmoonrose13

Please don’t let this happen. I like Tumblr, even if I might be the oldest person on there. This will not make Yahoo cool or bring Yahoo anything. It will only give Yahoo the opportunity to ruin Tumblr and cause people to leave, like what happened to Flickr when they were acquired. Yahoo needs to learn to innovate. Are they really paying Marisa $35 million to go shopping? Like anyone couldn’t do that. MichaelCLeonard

No no no no no no Tumblr was the last sacred thing we had without stupid ads touching it and it was a friendly fun place to blog and talk to people and now Yahoo! will ruin it.prezence

While many are out there criticizing Marissa’s decisions, since her appointment as Yahoo’s CEO their stock is up over 70%

We want to hear your thoughts! Post your comments below with your guess to Tumblr’s fate!

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