Google Denies Involvement in PRISM

By on June 8, 2013

Following in Facebooks footsteps, today Google’s CEO and Chief Legal Officer are denying any knowledge or involvement in the top secret spying program named PRISM.  When Google released it’s transparency report over a month ago, it did show an increase in government requests for information, however did not hint towards knowledge of any type of program.

In Google’s official blog post they stated:

First, we have not joined any program that would give the U.S. government—or any other government—direct access to our servers. Indeed, the U.S. government does not have direct access or a “back door” to the information stored in our data centers. We had not heard of a program called PRISM until yesterday.

Just minutes ago, The Guardian released a second slide from the a 41 page presentation.  It’s clear at this point that rather than releasing the entire slideshow they are going to drag this along to gather as much attention as possible.  CNN Money has some interesting theories on the Prism program and what’s being reported.  Ranging from the whole situation being a complete hoax, to it’s legitimacy.

We can only wonder if anyone has followed the alleged $120 million dollars that have been spent to support this program over the past 5 years.

Here are the slides from the Prism Slideshow that have been made public so far:

Prism Slideshow Page 1

Prism Slideshow Page 1 of 41

Prism Slideshow Page 2

Prism Slideshow Page 2 of 41

Prism Slideshow Page 4

Prism Slideshow | Page 4 of 41


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