MaxBounty Launches Support for Pay-Per-Call Campaigns

By on June 8, 2013

Ottawa, Canada based pay-for-performance internet advertising network MaxBounty has just launched support for Pay-Per-Call campaigns within their network.

Similar to Pay-Per-Lead, Pay-Per-Call is a performance based advertising revenue model. However, instead of being paid a commission on the acquisition of a sales lead via a website form, a publisher is paid a commission on the acquisition of a sales lead by connecting a consumer to an advertiser’s toll-free telephone number.

“As consumer adoption of web-enabled smartphones and other click-to-call technologies continue to increase, it is only natural that we should bring Pay-Per-Call into the mix of pay-for-performance revenue models we already support.” said JP Sauve, MaxBounty’s CEO. “A key factor in the nine year success we’ve enjoyed in this industry is focussing on providing top-notch service to our advertising partners. Bringing Pay-Per-Call to MaxBounty continues this dedication to service. Pay-Per-Call gets consumers one step closer to advertisers, resulting in increased profitability for both publishers and advertisers. Increasing profitability is the ultimate service we want to provide to our partners.”

About MaxBounty:

gI_68789_mblogowhiteMaxBounty ( is a privately owned internet advertising CPA network specializing in American, Canadian and International lead generation. They act as a liaison between advertisers and affiliate marketers, representing hundreds of advertising clients and over 16,000 website, search engine, social network and email marketers. MaxBounty is one of the largest and most experienced CPA networks in the marketplace today. They have been a trusted source of internet advertising traffic and revenue since 2004

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